Life Support

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Stories of My Chaplaincy and Bikur Cholim Rounds

What do you get when the chairwoman of a Bikur Cholim organization signs up for a chaplaincy training course and becomes a hospital chaplain?

You get Rachel Stein at her best, brimming with stories, anecdotes, and inspiration culled from this not-your-ordinary line of work. Rachel will be the first to tell you what an awesome responsibility it is to be an advocate for the sick, yet with her trademark humor and good cheer, she manages to find the positive in each situation — and to learn and grow from it.

In Life Support, we are treated to dozens of stories and vignettes about the colorful characters Rachel met while on call in the hospital, and the lessons she learned from them all. We also get a peek at the many obstacles she found strewn in her path, and how she taught herself to navigate around them.

Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes heartwarming, but always inspiring and uplifting — this book has something that will strike a chord in every reader.

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