Role Call

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Tangled Relationships. A Fragile Newborn. A True Account.

“Dovi, you know I don’t mean to do that. Its just the way things have always been with my father. It’s easier that way — less drama, less fighting.”

Dovi nearly choked. “Easier for whom? Easier for him?

It’s certainly not easier for me!”


Newly married Tzippy Kestenbaum finds herself in a place she never expected when her baby is born prematurely. She struggles with her many,often clashing, roles as she enters a bewildering new reality. Torn between her happy-go-lucky husband Dovi, her controlling father, and her peace-at-all-costs yet distant mother, she also has to cope with a frightening NICU existence and her baby’s unknown fate.

How can she possibly pull through?

Originally serialized in The Voice of Lakewood, Role Call kept thousands of readers emotionally drawn to Tzippy’s saga as she faced and overcame her challenges. The interplay so subtly woven into the plot will resonate with you as you’ll find yourself silently cheering her on and marveling at her strength.

Role Call: A true account of thorny decisions, tangled relationships… and ultimately, self-discovery.

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