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Common Misconceptions & Little-Known Halachos & Facts

You grew up learning it that way since you were in kindergarten. You always assumed you had it right — until you learned otherwise!

Did you know…

…that there is no actual obligation for a chassan and kallah to have sheva brachos for each of the seven days after their wedding?
…that there does not seem to be any source in Chazal for Eliyahu Hanavi to appear at the Seder, and certainly no source for his partaking of the kos shel Eliyahu there?
…that one who buys a house must affix mezuzos to his doors immediately when he moves in, and does not have the thirty-day leeway as one who is renting?

But I Thought is an eye-opening breakthrough in the world of halachah books. In it, more than twenty topics in halachah and Jewish custom are thoroughly explored, with an emphasis on highlighting and clarifying the erroneous assumptions that numerous people have about many of these halachos and customs.

Read it — and be surprised. Read it — and be informed.

By Rabbi Ephraim Nisenbaum, author of Power Points, More Power Points, Flashes of Torah, and more

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