The Little Book for Big Worries

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Dealing with Serious Illness

Receiving a difficult medical diagnosis can easily spell trauma, anguish, and hopelessness for a patient and his loved ones. Yet even amidst the dark skies of such a situation, popular author Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein assures us that there is still hope!

The Little Book for BIG Worries is a compact guide which offers chizuk and calm to those who have heard worrying news about themselves or someone close to them. The book offers answers to the questions we all ask when bad news arrives. It shows readers how to find the right people who can help them, and how to avoid those who can’t. Additionally, it includes advice from renowned doctors, which can provide direction toward making the often-confusing world of medicine work with and for a patient.

Most of all, The Little Book for BIG Worries will show those going through hard times how they can smile and laugh again, even when they thought they never could.

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