The Laws of an Eruv

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A comprehensive review of the laws of Eruvin and their practical applications
A groundbreaking sefer!

Years of research, hundreds of color, computer-generated 3D images, and a knack for accuracy and clarity have resulted in this first-of-its-kind, authoritative, comprehensive and practical guide which will be an invaluable resource in every beis medrash and every Jewish home.

In-depth information for the Torah scholar includes: Hundreds of psakim never published before from gedolei haposkim in America and Eretz Yisrael; Contemporary halachic issues not discussed in other works; Extensive Hebrew footnotes citing all sources and teshuvos; Comprehensive biurim, providing advanced treatment of important topics.

Q&A’s for the interested reader include:
  • Can I carry on my front porch if there are steps leading to the street?
  • Can I carry in my backyard on Shabbos? Can the bushes serve as a mechitzah?
  • Why do some people use community-wide eruvin and others do not?
  • I noticed that the string of the eruv in my bungalow got caught in a branch, is it still kosher?

The Laws of an Eruv by Rabbis Shlomo Francis and Yonason Glenner contains a depth and breadth rarely found in an English language sefer, yet it is clear and comprehensible to every reader.

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