Escape from Ukraine

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine began at the end of Adar Rishon, 5782. Rav Shmulik, the Chabad shliach in a large Ukrainian city, was caught completely by surprise. As the danger increased, he decided to move his kehillah across the Ukraine to safety. They would travel in a vehicle convoy away from the danger zone.

In the middle of the night, the convoy began a journey facing obstacles and dangers. From the first moment, the trip was long and arduous. As they traveled, the convoy was forced to split in two: Shmulik was left behind, without his family or his kehillah, risking his life and searching for the rest of the convoy.

Yossi, the Rav’s eldest son, took responsibility for the kehillah. He was forced to make many difficult and serious decisions that affected the fate of the refugees.

In addition, a Russain commando named Yevgeny, on a secret mission in central Ukraine, crossed paths with the escaping convoy…

What will be the fate of the convoy? Will Shmulik find his family and kehillah? How will Yevgeny’s secret mission impact the fleeing convoy?

To find out all this and more, read this suspenseful and dramatic book: Escape From Ukraine!

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