Domino Effect

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A Teen Novel

A wave of loneliness engulfed me. It took all my effort to swallow without choking on that painful lump in my throat. Where was Tzippy, with her easy banter and infectious laugh?
Life is not what it seems at Shaarei Shoshana. Beneath the surface of an ordinary boarding school, hidden currents of anxiety and mystery roil.
Why does Ahuva dread every phone call from home?
Why is Sara Leah screaming in middle of her sleep?
Is Toby really as carefree as she appears?
Get to know these colorful personalities and watch them bond into an unforgettable group of friends. Cheer for Ahuva and the rest as they discover inner strengths and reserves of true caring for each other. (Just beware the flying pancakes in middle of class, an invasion of unwelcome guests…and other hilarious episodes!) A perfect blend of suspense and humor, this book is a candid portrayal of the roller coaster of life – with a powerful message.
An exceptional read for tweens, teens, and everyone else!

by Rochel Braverman

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