Danger Deep Down

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A prowler, a half-finished diary, and an antique doll.

Those are the clues that Shai, Motti, and Yankie have as they attempt to solve a puzzling mystery. What are the howling and crying noises that the elderly Mrs. Schumann keeps hearing in her big, old house? Who or what is haunting the place? And why? The boys are determined to get to the bottom of the situation, before time runs out!

But Shai has it harder than most other boys. His brain runs on its own unique operating system, which makes social skills — and making friends — a real challenge. Yet Shai is determined to do his very best, and that includes solving the mystery so that Mrs. Schumann can have peace of mind. In the process, he discovers some valuable gifts, while Motti and Yankie — and all the boys in Yeshivah of Forest River — learn the meaning of true ahavas Yisrael.

An exciting mystery book for children, tweens, and teens, Danger Deep Down offers a heartwarming portrayal of human kindness and acceptance despite one’s differences. Readers will absorb the important lessons as they eagerly turn page after page of this suspenseful thriller.

By Sarah Feldbrand

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