30 Hours

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It’s a big day for Senator George Caffrey, the driving force in persuading all the major countries in the world to sign a treaty that will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and oil drilling.

It’s also a big day for Dr. Jeff Robinson, the man hired to ruin the senator’s celebration, and who is himself awaiting a celebration of a different kind.

It’s a fateful day for American Petroleum CEO Richard Palmer, owner of one of the major oil companies in the United States, who is liable to find himself bankrupt.

And at the heart of it all is a man in a white room. The door is not locked. If he wants to, he can leave at any time. But that would be wildly irresponsible. Yet he cannot stay inside the room either. It is so small and so tightly sealed that within thirty hours he will die.

New! From the bestselling author of Shattered Worlds and Burning Questions.

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